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Negotiations for your project

Online or in person, upto 50 participants

Professionally trained facilitators

Geodesignhub helps you engage with project stakeholders and enable sophisticated digital negotiations. Our partners use the software to expedite projects and develop agreements for complex problems in different domains:

  • Urban and regional planning
  • Inter-agency co-ordination
  • Engaging Public
  • Post-disaster rehabilitation
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Tourism Development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Environmental Management
  • Property Development
  • Cultural Heritage Protection

Most negotiations embody the existing power and social structures and the outcomes reflect that. When you face a problem of generating a consensus or getting people on-board with your ideas, Geodesignhub provides you with a new, digital method to conduct negotiations and this new method leads to new results.


When you have a project sites that are contested by competing economic, environmental & social forces


When you have a problem with conflicting political views that must be accomodated & reconciled to move forward.


A project where it is difficult to make a clear decision, we help you move forward with our process


When the your problem is complex and it is difficult to organize all the stakeholders and information.


When you have stakeholders who need to negotiate & compromise to move forward, our technology facilitates these negotiations.

Geodesignhub comes with a set of software called plugins which helps you extend the negotiations capability of the platform. Among other things, plugins enable you to conduct state-of-the-art spatial and financial analysis. Say goodbye to Excel, complex tools and licences, these plugins can be customized for your project and have 1-click integration with your negotiations. Some examples are below, for a full list, see the plugins page.

Measure and understand negotiation process performance

Design KPI
Spatial - financial performance indicators

3D Viewers
One-click 3D visualization and environment

How does Geodesignhub help your project?

Develop Consensus and facilitate co-ordination

Apply our unique digital negotiations process and technology to develop consensus and agreements to even the most difficult problems. We can train project participants to negotiate in one hour.

State-of-the-art Spatial and Financial Analysis

Your negotiations gets access to state-of-the-art spatial and financial analysis tools. They are open source and dont lock you in and are specifically customized for your project. More information is in our plugins page.

Professional Support

We support you in all aspects of management: social, financial, political, external engagement. We can provide you with software, support and staff to work with sites over the long term at a fraction of the cost.

Bring your data

If you use and have experience with geographical data: Raster imagery, Vector files, maps, models etc., bring them all we will integrate it seamlessly. All data can also be taken out as Geopackage or GeoJSON for use in your tools.


Geodesignhub helps you manage and speed-up complex projects. It often used as a mediation tool to resolve difficult differences and conflicts between stakeholders. Generally, this type of work is done manually and is exteremely time consuming and needs many meetings and deliberations along with technical and financial analysis. You can dramatically speed up this process by embracing a digital process. Our unique method walks you and your stakeholders through a process where a consensus on the way forward is built.

This brings transperancy and auditability to your decision making. Becuase it is done digitally, you can leverage the many benefits of digital-native negotiations. Geodesignhub follows a "batteries-included" approach and comes with a rich plugin eco-system for analysis, visualizations and much more. These tools ensure that the negotiated outcomes are implemented and the associated activities co-ordinated transparently.